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US-3308522-A: Anti-offset roll patent, US-3372008-A: Metal reflector and method of manufacturing such reflectors patent, US-3681526-A: Magnetic recording system using transducer with flux path patent, US-2831082-A: Switch construction patent, US-3431170-A: Nuclear reactor fuel bundle patent, US-3776523-A: Structural tube assembly patent, US-2639876-A: Molded structure patent, US-3293861-A: Method of distributing fluids in bodies of liquid and apparatus therefor patent, US-2578489-A: Artificial wood product and method of making the same patent, US-2015311295-A1: Split poly connection via through-poly-contact (tpc) in split-gate based power mosfets patent, US-2016085103-A1: Liquid crystal panel and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-2016250079-A1: Composite sheet manufacturing device and composite sheet manufacturing method patent, US-2016280397-A1: Method and system to avoid plant shadows for vegetation and soil imaging patent, US-2016345606-A1: Polypeptide for hydrolytic cleavage of zearalenone and/or zearalenone derivatives, isolated polynucleotide thereof as well as a polypeptide containing an additive, use of same as well as a process patent, US-2017023545-A1: Radio-Frequency Nanopore Sensor patent, US-2017044875-A1: Tool identification patent, US-2017092328-A1: Technologies for dynamic generation of a media compilation patent, US-2017217651-A2: Device for Opening and Re-Closing Food-Containing Packages patent, US-2017267295-A1: Apparatus, system, and related methods for holding and maneuvering an industrial vehicle spare tire patent, US-2017273469-A1: Convertible Bed System patent, US-2017289257-A1: Cloud system for controlling outdoor grill with mobile application patent, US-2017330662-A1: Novel high-density magnetic composite material for inductor patent, US-2017347096-A1: General block partitioning method patent, US-2015301673-A1: Touch interface device and methods for applying controllable shear forces to a human appendage patent, US-2016243034-A1: Pharmaceutical composition comprising capecitabine and cyclophosphamide patent, US-2016253812-A1: Using intensity variations in a light pattern for depth mapping of objects in a volume patent, US-2015198801-A1: Mirror driving device and driving method for same patent, US-2016014705-A1: Relay control station, repeater, and interference suppressing method patent, US-2017367954-A1: Composition including ionone or salt thereof as active ingredient and having effect of enhancing skin moisturizing, exfoliating skin, improving skin elasticity, inhibiting erythema, improving skin wrinkles, or alleviating skin photoaging patent, US-2015061219-A1: Image forming apparatus patent, US-2015300477-A1: Hardened silver coated journal bearing surfaces and method patent, US-2015365700-A1: Device and method for image encoding/decoding using prediction direction conversion and selective encoding patent, US-2016002556-A1: High sulfur fuel pellet with reduced so2 emission patent, US-5229361-A: Method for forming Josephson junction devices by radiation patent, US-2017162552-A1: Laser lift-off on isolated iii-nitride light islands for inter-substrate led transfer patent, US-2015145005-A1: Transistor amplifier circuit and integrated circuit patent, US-2016254262-A1: III-V FinFET CMOS WITH III-V AND GERMANIUM-CONTAINING CHANNEL CLOSELY SPACED patent, US-2017025884-A1: System and method for providing wireless power transfer functionality to an electrical device patent, US-2015097306-A1: Valve device for controlled introduction of a blowing medium patent, US-2017154456-A1: System and method of fast adaptive blending for high dynamic range imaging patent, US-2016179300-A1: Device for displaying data used by electronic component mounting machine patent, US-2015370358-A1: Substrate and touch panel member using same patent, US-2015306178-A1: Methods and compositions for treating and preventing tinnitus patent, US-2015187403-A1: Memory device and memory system including the same patent, US-3298622-A: Speed control apparatus patent, US-2016075324-A1: Vehicle with power management patent, US-2016100923-A1: Rotating electric toothbrush patent, US-2016135313-A1: Electrical enclosure operating mechanism housing an external antenna patent, US-2016252752-A1: Display panel assembly and methods of making same patent, US-2016268954-A1: Motor health monitoring and medical device incorporating same patent, US-2016359693-A1: Provisioning in Support of an Embedded Cable Modem MAC Address patent, US-2016376218-A1: Radically curable compound, method for producing radically curable compound, radically curable composition, cured product of the same, and resist-material composition patent, US-2017015692-A1: Process for treating black liquor patent, US-2017027259-A1: Method of manufacturing a brassiere or an article of clothing having a fastener patent, US-2017031378-A1: Method for automatically associating a module to a corresponding inverter, and related module and power generation system patent, US-2017042179-A1: Improved Base Driven Appliance and Attachments patent, US-2017077641-A1: Tool fixing ganged rj45 connectors together and helping for connecting and disconnecting them patent, US-2017088251-A1: Actuators and methods for aircraft flight control surfaces patent, US-2017094108-A1: Image processing system and method for removing designated color in an original document patent, US-2017117415-A1: Thin film transistor substrate having stacked passivation layers patent, US-2017130328-A1: Target material for sputtering and method for manufacturing same patent, US-2017159215-A1: Flocked material and process to produce it patent, US-2017194924-A1: Dynamic phased array tapering without phase recalibration patent, US-2017233310-A1: Steady state high temperature reactor patent, US-2017235125-A1: Reflective roof patent, US-2017290101-A1: Cooking system patent, US-2017294850-A1: Multilevel converter patent, US-2017309931-A1: Fuel cell device patent, US-2017319125-A1: System That Measures Different States of a Subject patent, US-2017322879-A1: Reducing minor garbage collection overhead patent, US-2017340088-A1: Rod-shaped cosmetic material feeding container patent, US-2017362734-A9: Control of current density in an electroplating apparatus patent, US-2017363034-A1: Delivery device for delivering a medium and for limiting a system pressure patent, US-2017369950-A1: Biomarkers of Response to Inhibition of Poly-ADP Ribose Polymerase (PARP) in Cancer patent, US-2018014502-A1: Multifunction Pet Carrier patent, US-2018033902-A1: Shingled solar cells overlapping along non-linear edges patent, US-2015118143-A1: Method of fabricating graphene quantum dots and high quality graphene quantum dots using the method patent, US-2016306448-A1: System and method for bidirectional communication between stylus and stylus sensor controller patent, US-2016376792-A1: Roll roofing material applicator patent, US-2017062543-A1: Sub-pixel arrangement, method for repairing the same, display panel and display device patent, US-2017271654-A1: Polymer coated silicon as electrode material for lithium-ion battery patent, US-2017332748-A1: Walking cane clamp and base for use with walkers and rollators patent, US-2015178519-A1: Displaying an ancestry graph within a social networking service patent, US-2015235813-A1: Plasma processing device and operation method patent, US-2015307069-A1: Stop control system for vehicle patent, US-2015377282-A1: Improved method for producing a transmission shaft, preferably for an accessory box system of an aircraft turbomachine patent, US-2016087276-A1: Active material for battery, nonaqueous electrolyte battery, and battery pack patent, US-2016090401-A1: Self-assembling peptide cages from coiled-coil peptide modules patent, US-2016239743-A1: Method and apparatus for managing failure modes for condition based maintenance in marine resource production equipment patent, US-2017068249-A1: Driving assistance system, vehicle, driving assistance terminal device, and driving assistance program patent, US-2017077437-A1: Display device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2015333280-A1: Metal Complexes patent, US-2016180768-A1: Display device patent, US-2017306666-A1: Inside handle support member for vehicle door patent, US-2016015155-A1: Multi-purpose Convertible Backpack System - Flipper Bag patent, US-2016055232-A1: Gesture-based on-chart data filtering patent, US-2017119493-A1: End effector for a positioning device patent, US-2016040464-A1: Hinge patent, US-2017182357-A1: Dynamic stretching, strengthening and stabilization device for postural correction and retraining patent, US-2016086307-A1: Application processor including reconfigurable scaler and devices including the processor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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