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JP-2004314351-A: インクジェットプリンタ及びその吸引動作管理方法 patent, JP-2004323454-A: Medicinal agent patent, JP-2004523610-A: 低光学損失ポリマー patent, JP-2005166317-A: ツイストペアケーブル及びツイストペアケーブル識別方法 patent, JP-2005235931-A: シリコンウェーハの評価方法 patent, JP-2005236142-A: 横型短チャネルdmos及びその製造方法並びに半導体装置 patent, JP-2005266422-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-2005338088-A: Detachable probe tip device for measuring probe patent, JP-2006018368-A: 信号仲介装置、通信ネットワーク・システム及び操業システム patent, JP-2006077458-A: Falling preventive device of hydraulic crusher patent, JP-2006078608-A: 定着装置、及び画像形成装置 patent, JP-2006135359-A: 半導体装置 patent, JP-2006150701-A: ラベル用フィード装置 patent, JP-2006191075-A: Organic electroluminescence element, and polyimide used for the organic electroluminescence element and method of manufacturing the polyimide patent, JP-2006207554-A: Turbine nozzle and axial-flow turbine using the same patent, JP-2006211126-A: Television receiver for mobile patent, JP-2006225084-A: Merchandise information management device and merchandise management system patent, JP-2006234898-A: Method for manufacturing conductive member and conductive member for electrophotography patent, JP-2006274129-A: Colored resin composition and its molded article patent, JP-2006302598-A: 電解質膜及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2006517162-A: 遷音速巡航用の層流翼 patent, JP-2007015069-A: Surface coated high-speed tool steel-made gear cutting tool having hard coating layer exhibiting excellent wear resistance in high-speed gear cutting of alloy steel patent, JP-2007022973-A: Method for producing ester patent, JP-2007093175-A: 風向変更板及び空気調和装置 patent, JP-2007101581-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-2007146572-A: 窓 patent, JP-2007178332-A: Phased-array radar system patent, JP-2007183987-A: Writing input device patent, JP-2007185230-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2007198815-A: プローブユニットおよび原子間力顕微鏡 patent, JP-2007214088-A: 集束イオンビーム加工観察装置および試料加工方法、試料観察方法 patent, JP-2007247150-A: Method of installing sliding door structure and sliding door structure patent, JP-2007256893-A: 着脱機構 patent, JP-2007313551-A: クラッド容器の溶接方法および同容器を用いたスポンジチタンの製造方法 patent, JP-2008052722-A: Ic card operation system and method patent, JP-2008106305-A: 圧粉成形用粉末、および圧粉成形用粉末の製造方法 patent, JP-2008136595-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2008137936-A: アダパレン含有外用剤組成物 patent, JP-2008139307-A: 原子炉ボトムヘッドの再生方法実現 patent, JP-2008146019-A: System for creating dictionary for speech synthesis, semiconductor integrated circuit device, and method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, JP-2008167164-A: Communication system, base station, communication method, and program patent, JP-2008167936-A: フィットネス運動状態表示装置及びプログラム patent, JP-2008186088-A: Information processor and information processing program patent, JP-2008201434-A: Electron ray sterilization system patent, JP-2008211223-A: Semiconductor device, display device, and electronic device patent, JP-2008212255-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2008534802-A: ポリアレーンアゾール繊維からカチオンを除去する方法 patent, JP-2009006425-A: Surface coated cutting tool patent, JP-2009062607-A: Coated body patent, JP-2009062998-A: 車両制御システム patent, JP-2009123626-A: コネクタ patent, JP-2009136903-A: Device and method for controlling welding robot patent, JP-2009154519-A: 液滴吐出装置の記録ヘッド及び画像形成装置 patent, JP-2009165249-A: Power supply system patent, JP-2009175430-A: Method for manufacturing of opto-electric hybrid board and opto-electric hybrid board obtained thereby patent, JP-2009182112-A: Electronic apparatus and method of manufacturing the same patent, JP-2009216631-A: エックス線分析装置用支持台 patent, JP-2009251520-A: Camera head optical system patent, JP-2000303045-A: Pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive composition, and adhesive tape, or the like, coated therewith patent, JP-2001227029-A: トイレ脱臭装置 patent, JP-2003038264-A: Assembling shelf patent, JP-2004234649-A: Navigation server, and display method of navigation patent, JP-2006121765-A: Reluctance rotary electric machine patent, JP-2006128292-A: Protective sheet for processing semiconductor wafer and polishing method of rear surface of semiconductor wafer patent, JP-2006144087-A: ウエブ薄肉高強度h形鋼及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2006159326-A: 切断装置及び切断方法 patent, JP-2006163747-A: Input supporting device patent, JP-2006253364-A: プラズマ処理装置およびプラズマ処理装置の運転状態の出力方法 patent, JP-2006298416-A: ポリ袋の収納装置 patent, JP-2006346093-A: Intra-vehicle biological information detector patent, JP-2007000988-A: 穴明け方法及び穴明け装置 patent, JP-2007001939-A: Virus inactivating agent patent, JP-2007013501-A: 放送受信装置 patent, JP-2007016583-A: ガードレール用カバー及びガードレールプレート patent, JP-2007022902-A: Cryptocrystalline magnesia and method for producing the same patent, JP-2007029509-A: Vapor jet nozzle patent, JP-2007085209-A: Reciprocating compressor patent, JP-2007100958-A: Fluid bearing assembly patent, JP-2007119845-A: High strength copper alloy material having excellent shear workability and its production method patent, JP-2007181936-A: Alcパネルの主面内切り込み、開口穴及び開口切欠の形成方法 patent, JP-2007229775-A: 消耗電極アーク溶接方法 patent, JP-2007262510-A: Method of manufacturing nanohole structure patent, JP-2007269022-A: Receiving material for lenticular lens base coating and sheet for 3d printing using it patent, JP-2007269643-A: Low-density lipoprotein antioxidant, and food and drink using the same patent, JP-2007513220-A: 接着促進剤用の反応性ヒドロキシル基およびカルボキシル基含有ポリマー patent, JP-2008010805-A: Organic electroluminescence element patent, JP-2008026187-A: ガス採取装置 patent, JP-2008041568-A: Straight angle electric wire having semiconductive layer, and manufacturing method therefor patent, JP-2008090160-A: Developer amount regulating blade and developing device using the same patent, JP-2008100999-A: Process for producing ginseng fruit and ginseng peduncle having high content of ginsenoside component patent, JP-2008119329-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2008147651-A: Slurry composition for final polishing of silicon wafer, and method for final polishing of silicon wafer using the same patent, JP-2008240934-A: Water level management unit patent, JP-2008250655-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-2008274892-A: 内燃機関の排気浄化装置 patent, JP-2008309504-A: 熱サイクル試験装置及び熱サイクル試験方法 patent, JP-2008545671-A: テトラヒドロピラン−3−オン類からテトラヒドロピラン類を調製する方法 patent, JP-2009090776-A: Run-flat tire patent, JP-2009119886-A: 光学素子成形装置 patent, JP-2009124925-A: Motor and blower patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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