Phased-array radar system



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To monitor required monitoring range at a high scanning rate by efficiently using a transmitting and receiving module. <P>SOLUTION: An antenna part 101 is foldably composed by a drive controller 102-1 on two emitting faces. An inter-emitting face angle control part 105 calculates the angle between the two emitting faces of the antenna part 101 to be attainable in the required monitoring range and an important azimuth input from a display control part 110 and output to the controller 102-1, and outputs a beam control part 106 and a receiving part 107. The beam control part 106 calculates the optimum phase information and electric power information for forming a beam to each azimuth of the monitoring range, on the basis of the angle between the two emitting faces of the antenna part 101. A transmission part 104 outputs a transmission signal to transmitting and receiving modules 103-1 to 103-N. A receiving part 107 combines a receiving signal, in response to information of radio waves received by the transmitting and receiving modules 103-1 to 103-N and the angle between the two emitting faces, input from the inter-emitting face angle control part 105. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】送受信モジュールを効率よく用いて、所要の監視範囲を高いスキャンレートで監視する。 【解決手段】空中線部101は駆動制御器102-1により2つの放射面に折り曲げ可能に構成され、放射面間角度制御部105は表示制御部110から入力された所要の監視範囲と重点方位を実現可能な空中線部101の2つの放射面間の角度を算出して駆動制御器102-1に出力するとともに、ビーム制御部106及び受信部107に出力する。ビーム制御部106は空中線部101の2つの放射面間の角度をもとに、監視範囲の各方位に対しビームを形成するのに最適な位相情報及び電力情報を算出する。送信部104は送信信号を送受信モジュール103-1~103-Nに出力し、受信部107は送受信モジュール103-1~103-Nで受信された電波と放射面間角度制御部105から入力される2つの放射面間の角度を情報に応じて受信信号を合成する。 【選択図】図1




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