Method of installing sliding door structure and sliding door structure



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method of installing a sliding door structure and the sliding door structure capable of improving aesthetic appearance by preventing the aesthetic appearance of the structure from being impaired by a clearance and a step between a side wall panel and a wall body. <P>SOLUTION: A fitting frame 2 having a head jamb 21, a sill 22, a mullion 23, and vertical frames 241, 242 is fitted to the inner peripheral edge of an opening 5a formed in the wall body 5. A sliding door 4 is slidably disposed on the head jamp 21 and the mullion 22 of the fitting frame 2 mounted. The side wall panel 3 is installed on the fitting frame 2 in the state that the mullion 23 and the vertical frames 241 face the end face of the side wall panel 3. The color and the pattern of the side wall panel 3 are the same as those of the sliding door 4. The side wall panel has lighting windows 321, 322 and hanging rails 331, 332 to which articles can be hung. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】袖壁パネルと壁本体との間の空隙及び段差が美観を損なうことを防止し、意匠性を向上させることができる引戸構造施工方法及び引戸構造を提供する。 【解決手段】壁本体5に形成された開口5aの内側周縁に、鴨居21、敷居22、中方立23及び縦枠241,242を備える建具枠2が取り付けられ、取り付けられた建具枠2の鴨居21及び敷居22に滑動可能に引戸4が配されている。建具枠2には、鴨居21、中方立23及び縦枠241と袖壁パネル3の端面とを対向させて、袖壁パネル3が取り付けられている。袖壁パネル3は、引戸4と同色及び同柄であり、採光窓321,322、及び物品の掛止が可能な掛止レール331,332を有する。 【選択図】図1




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