Electronic apparatus and method of manufacturing the same



【課題】セラミック基板の一面に樹脂部材を設け、この樹脂部材とヒートシンクとを接着剤を介して接着してなる電子装置において、接着剤中のボイドの発生を極力防止し、放熱性の低下を抑制する。 【解決手段】樹脂部材40をセラミック基板20の一面に設けた後、樹脂部材40を加熱処理し、その後、接着剤30による接着を行う。ここで、樹脂部材40を100℃〜110℃で定重量となるまで乾燥させたときの当該定重量に対する、樹脂部材40が吸収した水分量の百分率を吸水率としたとき、樹脂部材40の加熱処理は、樹脂部材40の吸水率が3%未満となるように樹脂部材40を加熱する。 【選択図】図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent void generation in adhesive as much as possible, and to suppress deterioration of heat dissipation in an electronic apparatus, wherein a resin member is arranged over the whole surface of a ceramic substrate and the resin member is adhered to a heatsink with adhesive. <P>SOLUTION: After forming a resin member 40 over the whole surface of a ceramic substrate 20, the resin member 40 is heat-treated, and then the resin member 40 is adhered with adhesive 30. Heat treatment for the resin member 40 is performed so that the percentage of moisture content may be less than 3%. The percentage of moisture content is defined as a ratio of moisture content that the resin member 40 absorbs to the constant weight of the resin member 40. The constant weight is the weight of the resin member 40 when it is dried up to 100°C to 110°C. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT




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