Camera head optical system



【課題】リレーレンズを用いることなしに負の斜入射特性を持ち、射出瞳距離が短い小型の撮像素子に最適化された内視鏡の接眼部に取り付けて撮影を行うカメラヘッド光学系。 【解決手段】内視鏡の接眼部20に取り付けて撮影を行う結像レンズ32を備えたカメラヘッドの光学系30において、負のパワーのフィールドレンズ34を用いて射出瞳距離が短い小型の撮像素子33に最適化する。結像レンズ32は、斜入射実現のために負のパワーのフィールドレンズ34を用いるときに効果の大きい範囲として、下記式(1)を満足する。f・tan(−tw)/h>1.0・・・(1)ただし、fは結像レンズの焦点距離、hは撮像面上における最大像高、twは最大像高において斜光線束の中心の光線が撮像面に入射する角度である。 【選択図】図3
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a camera head optical system used for photographing by being attached to the eyepiece part of an endoscope, which is optimized to a compact imaging element having a negative oblique incident characteristic and a short exit pupil distance without using a relay lens. SOLUTION: In the optical system 30 for the camera head, which has an imaging lens 32 used for photographing by being attached to the eyepiece part 20 of an endoscope, the small imaging element 33 with the short exit pupil distance is optimized using a field lens 34 of negative power. As a range in which high effectiveness is achieved when a field lens 34 of a negative power is used for oblique incidence, the imaging lens 32 satisfies expression (1) given below: f×tan(-tw)/h>1.0 ... (1), wherein f is a focal distance of an imaging lens, h is the maximum image height on an imaging face, and tw is an angle at which the light ray of the center of an oblique luminous flux enters an imaging face at the maximum image height. COPYRIGHT: (C)2010,JPO&INPIT




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